I love to share my knowledge of plants & soils. Hire me to speak at your next event. I'll thoroughly research the topic of interest and present to your audience. Check out my recent speaking engagements then get in [contact] with me.

If you are a teacher I can speak to your students free of charge to supplement the curriculum and bring real world scientific experience to the classroom.

Contact the Alberta Science Network's [Scientists & Engineers in the Classroom Program] and make a request to the SW Alberta (Lethbridge & area) region. Put my name in the comments to let them know you specifically would like me to come speak.

My best fits for the Alberta curriculum are:

Grade 4 - Plant Growth & Changes
Grade 7 - Interactions & Ecosystems and Plants for Food & Fibre
Biology 20 - Ecosystem & Population Change
Biology 30 - Population & Community Dynamics

If you are a Grade 4 teacher I also volunteer through the [Classroom Agriculture Program]. My talk is similar except that it has more of an agriculture focus. Contact them using the link above and put my name in the comments so they know you specifically would like me to speak to your class.