Step 1 - One hour free consultation

I come out to your farm or garden and we talk about your operation and what you are looking for in an agronomy consultant. We may sit at the kitchen table, talk in your office, or go tour the farm as we speak. If we are too far away to meet in person we can discuss online work.

Step 2 - Proposal & Agreement

I'll write up three options based on what we spoke about. Examples of services:

  • Give guidance and help in starting to grow a new crop.
  • Change the cropping system to integrate cover crops in the appropriate sequence for the cash crop
  • Winter time review of soil tests, fertilizer applications, yield maps, and recommendations
  • Seasonal scouting program for a high value crop
  • Comprehensive management of the full operation

Step 3 - You decide to hire me or not

After reviewing the options you let me know what you want to do. There's no obligation to hire at this point. If you don't think I'll work well for you just let me know. Obviously, I hope that you do hire me, and if so we'll discuss the option you want, agree to any changes, and then we'll get to work.


Selfie in winter wheat - Copy.jpg

No cost to you and no obligation to purchase my services.