Scott Gillespie


MSc. - Masters of Science (Plant Sciences).
University of Manitoba. 2006.
Thesis available at:

B.Sc. (Agr) - Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.
University of Guelph. 2001.

Professional Designations

PAg - Professional Agrologist.
Registered with Alberta Institute of Agrologists since 2011.

CCA - Certified Crop Advisor.
Registered with Prairie CCA Board since 2009.


My consulting business is based on fee for service. This means that I don't sell agricultural inputs  or software services, and I don't place advertising or affiliate links on my site. I will recommend what I think is beneficial for your operation - but you can rest assured knowing that I don't recommend them for any financial gain.

I specialize in building healthy soil in systems with high disturbance crops. The principles can be applied by anyone from a home gardener (myself included!), a market gardener, a small farm and all the way to a large scale irrigated farmer.

Whether you follow the organic system, regenerative agriculture principles, or use conventional farming methods, you will see a change in your soil. Potatoes, sugar beets, carrots, onions, and whatever else you grow that involves digging the crop from the ground will benefit from applying the practices that I’ve learned.


I have worked for over ten years to provide agronomy consulting services to irrigated potato growers in the southern parts of the province of Alberta in Canada. My clients grow for the large processors in the area such as Frito Lay, Lamb Weston, McCain, and Cavendish. The growers I work with appreciate my independent thoughts and my ability to look beyond  standard practices. I am passionate about knowing how plants grow, how soils are kept healthy, and how to protect and enhance the environment while we produce the best crops we can.


I'm always learning and I'm always curious. I maintain my professional designations and go above and beyond the required amount of learning. I attend conferences and crop walks, and I am always reading the latest books on agronomy. I love to share this knowledge with others, and am always excited to meet new people, learn what they are doing, and help them make changes to their operation to drive best practices, efficiency, and productivity. I don’t just learn - I practice what I believe in. I’m always experimenting with new ideas in my garden and applying that to large-scale agricultural systems.